10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist

Double Tree

Tourists flock to Piedmont to see Italy’s famous Double Tree. Here — on a much-visited site, between Grana and Casorzo — a cherry tree grows atop a mulberry. Science suggests that such a thing should not be possible. But there can be no disputing the facts. This place — and these trees — do actually exist.

Called the Double Tree of Casorzo — or Bialbero di Casorzo — this is quite an anomaly. It isn’t unheard of for one tree to grow on top of another. But growth tends to be limited in such instances, with neither tree able to thrive or to reach a significant size.

This is where Bialbero di Casorzo stands out, defying science and proving that anything is possible. It is thought that, long ago, a bird must have dropped a cherry stone onto the mulberry tree when flying overhead. This sounds plausible — but no-one could have imagined that it would turn out quite like this.


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