20 Most Terrifying Places on Earth

Aokigahara Forest, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

Aokigahara-Forest, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

Known as the Sea of Trees due to its thick foliage, Aokigahara has the darkest of hearts. One of the most popular suicide spots on the planet, more than 100 troubled souls are thought to take their own lives here each year.

So dense and disorientating is the forest, some bodies lie long undiscovered, with annual searches carried out for those keen never to be found. It’s a troubled place, where death is always in the air. Eerie and unnerving, this is not a spot to linger long.

Located close to Mount Fuji, two hours from Tokyo, Aokigahara covers 13.5 square miles and such is its impenetrable nature, visitors soon find themselves isolated and disconnected from the outside world. The suicides apart, this is an unsettling place, with countless caves dotting the landscape, the trees swaying in the afternoon breeze and the unshakable feeling that one is always being watched.


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