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Kiev, Ukraine

From the opulent architecture and azure coastline of Odessa to the cultural hotspot that is Lviv, Ukraine has it all. As of yet still relatively untouched by mass tourism this beautiful country is surprisingly affordable. Average daily cost per person: 750 Ukrainian Hryvnia or £23 ($28).

Food in Ukraine is really cheap. Past travelers have spent, in average £5.54 ($6.75) on meals for one day. Some typical Ukrainian dishes to try are borsh (a bright beet-focused soup containing veggies and meat), varenyky (filled dumplings, similar to pierogies), holubtsi (stuffed cabbage), kovbasa (sausage), and deruny (potato pancakes).

The price per person for one night is usually below £10 ($13) in hostels and below £30 ($39) in budget hotels. but expect a slightly higher cost in Kiev and Lviv. The best way to book your hostel is Hostelworld and you’ll find the cheapest hotel rates on Booking.com. For the same price you can book entire accommodations on Air BnB, however you won’t find many listings.

Cheap Activities
St. Sophia’s Cathedral (Kiev) – a beautiful baroque cathedral, also UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cost 3Hr (less than £1).
Lviv Historic Center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site also called ‘the Paris of Ukraine’. Guided tour can be expensive so it’s best to make your own itinerary.
Wander in a sunflower field – You will find enormous fields of the flowers all over the country as sunflower oil is one of Ukraine’s largest exports.
Visit a local outdoor market – You’ll find here many Ukrainian typical items, like embroidered blouses, hand towels and Russian dolls.
Kamenets Podolsky Castle – it’s a fortress located in the historic city of Kamianets-Podilskyi (western part of the country). The city is really nice to visit, especially the old town. Entrance cost about 3Hr (less than £1)
The Odessa Opera and Ballet – Visitors can take here shows like Swan Lake or Madame Butterfly, all for about the price of a cup of coffee in Western countries.


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