Where To Go In September: Top 20 Destinations

Bermuda, North Atlantic Ocean

Bermuda, North Atlantic Ocean

The beautiful archipelago of Bermuda is bathed in the balmy turquoise waters of the Sargasso Sea. With its ice cream shades of sun-washed stately mansions draped with fragrant frangipani and bougainvillea, Bermuda conjures the mood of the quaint English countryside with a tropical twist.

Choose to spend your days lazing on idyllic pink sand beaches or hop on a jet ski or head to the golf course. If you prefer something less active then visit one of the many art galleries or museums or one of the historical monuments such as Fort St Catherine dating from 1614.

Nature lovers and adventurers should visit the Crystal Caves of Bermuda, an otherworldly network of caves and subterranean lakes. Here a guide will take you deep inside these two Ice Age caves where you’ll descend about 120 feet below ground. For more nature adventures, hit the Blue Hole park where you can swim, jump from cliffs, and explore caves. If you’re looking to snorkel or swim, we recommend Jobson’s Cove, one of several smaller coves at the beach’s western end.