Our Guide For A Perfect Two-Week Trip To Vietnam

Our Trip To Vietnam, The Bottom Line


Vietnam was one of our favourite trips, Mid-February was a great time to go as the weather was warm but not too hot. We flew with Vietnam airline from London and internally and the cost was reasonable for a high-quality service (we preferred this company to British Airline). We came back from Vietnam with Cathay Pacific as we couldn’t get tickets with Vietnam Airline (we booked a bit last minute) but didn’t think the level of service matched for a similar price so we definitely recommend Vietnam Airline for all flights.

We really liked our itinerary and only regretted not staying longer at the Banyan Tree. Looking back, we would have added a trek in Sapa between Hanoi and Lang co. We were afraid to have too much on our list for this two-weeks holiday but once in Vietnam we felt like we could have squeezed this in.

Anyway, Vietnam is a delightful country, packed with history and interesting culture. The nature here is marvellous and this is a country to add to your travel bucket list. We wanted a luxurious travel experience and stayed in 5-stars hotels, but you can definitely travel to Vietnam on a budget and stay in hostels or homestay for a cheap price. In fact, Vietnam is one of our listed cheapest destinations and was actually one of the best countries at dealing with the Covid-19.


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