10 Unbelievable Animals You’ve Never Heard of



It is a valid question to wonder what kind of species is a Salp. Is it a jellyfish or just a strange fish?

Surprisingly, this supernatural-like creature is – neither. Salps are actually a member of the Tunicata, a group of animals also known as sea squirts. They are anatomically closer to humans than jellyfish. They are classified in the Phylum Chordata; which means they are related to all the animals with backbones.

If you take a close look at their anatomy, you can see they are shaped like a small barrel. They band their muscles to move in the water and pump water through they feeding filter. The most visible part of the animal is usually a lump of food in its see-through stomach (the little red lump you can see on the image above).

You can sometimes see chains of Salps in the sea. The most abundant concentrations of Salps are in the Southern Ocean (near Antarctica), where they sometimes form enormous swarms, often in deep water. Though don’t panic if you dive here as they are harmless to humans. Salps are important for the ecosystem because they reduce the carbon levels in the water.


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