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Sunda Flying Lemur

Sunda Flying Lemur

Despite his name, the Sunda flying lemur is not a lemur and can’t actually fly. It is however an extraordinary mammal with impressive gliding skills. Native to the temperate forests of South East Asia, throughout Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, the Sunda flying lemur can glide for a distance of up to 100 meters, while only losing about 10 meters of elevation.

The key to the Sunda flying lemur’s impressive gliding skills is an enormous flap of leathery skin that runs from its face to the tips of its fingers, right down to the end of its tail, giving it a whole lot of surface area with which to keep itself aloft.

The Sunda flying lemur usually leave alone. It measures about 20 inches long from nose to tail, and it only weighs two to four pounds. Being small and light is important if you plan to glide through the trees. These lemurs are covered in soft fur and have white bellies. Their backs are mottled combinations of white, gray, black, and sometimes red. This colour combination is useful to camouflage the lemurs in the trees so they can hide from predators.


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