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The Superb Bird Of Paradise

The Superb Bird Of Paradise

There are about 45 Bird Of Paradise species that can be found in rain forests of New Guinea and forest edges of Indonesia, but the most remarkable of them is perhaps the Vogelkop or Superb Bird-of-Paradise. Males and Females look significantly different: the male bird is black with a bright blue crest while the female bird has a reddish brown color and don’t look as impressive.

The bird’s mating season is quite a show, as the males have one of the most elaborate courtship technique in the world. Indeed, competition amongst males for females is intensely fierce, due to the fact that the species has an unusually low amount of females, so they have to work their hardest to find a mating partner.

After carefully and meticulously preparing the mating scene by cleaning the floor with leaves and removing any dirt or branches – a truly unseen behaviour amongst birds – the male then attracts a female with a loud call. After the curious female approaches, the male folds his black feather cape and his blue-green breast shield springs upward and spreads widely and astoundingly around his head, transforming him into an other-worldly dancing creature.


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