20 Places You Should Never Ever Swim


Kipu Falls, East Kauai

Image: Bryce Edwards, Wikimedia Commons

You might recognise Kipu Falls from Raiders of the Lost Ark. However, those aspiring to be Indiana Jones should not be tempted to visit. For one thing, this is private property, with trespassing prohibited.

For another, it’s a dangerous place, where drowning is commonplace, with many of those who choose to ignore the warnings paying the ultimate price.

Located in East Kauai, this is a spectacular place, but the waterfall and swimming hole that beckon adventurers hide dangers that cannot be seen from the surface. Those who do venture in are often dragged down to the depths and drowned.

Some believe that this is due to the presence of an angry mo’o, a Hawaiian spirit lizard, although the more prosaic explanation is a powerful whirlpool that generates immense underwater currents. Whatever the reason, this is one to avoid — with swimming here a risk that is just not worth taking.