20 Places You Should Never Ever Swim


New Smyrna Beach, Florida

New Smyrna Beach is popular with surfers and tourists. The trouble is, it’s also popular with sharks. In recent times, it has gained a reputation as the ‘shark attack capital’ of the world. To venture into the warm waters here is to risk being bitten — or worse.

Numerous species have been spotted here — including great whites — and scientists estimate that anyone who has ever swam at New Smyrna has been within 10 feet of a shark. It’s a frightening thought, yet so good are the conditions here, surfers continue to come in numbers, taking their lives in their hands each time they enter the shimmering Florida waters.

Located just south of Daytona Beach, the sands are beautiful here and the climate perfect. But with Volusia County leading the world in recorded shark bites for several years now, you might want to think twice about taking a dip.