20 Places You Should Never Ever Swim


Berkeley Pit, Montana

Swimming here is an absolute no-no. Berkeley’s acidic waters are deadly, a poisonous mixture of dangerous chemicals and harmful heavy metals. The 4,000 or so unfortunate snow geese who landed here in 2016 did not live to tell the tale. Please avoid this at all costs or risk suffering the same fate.

It’s a strange place — a toxic waste dump that is also a tourist attraction — but people do come here to visit. The former open pit copper mine, located just outside Butte, Montana, is one mile long and half-a-mile wide, with deep waters that go down 900 feet.

Those waters contain various harmful substances — including arsenic — and are said to be as acidic as cola, vinegar and lemon juice. Anyone foolish enough to drink from the lake would suffer a painful end, their digestive system being corroded from the inside. Taking everything into consideration, this is one to avoid.