20 Places You Should Never Ever Swim


Nyiragongo, Africa

Thinking about taking a dip? Nyiragongo is not the place. The setting is spectacular, for sure, a scenic location like no other. But make no mistake — those are not warm waters, but the largest lava lake on Earth.

The heat here is such that you’d be hard pressed not to notice, the super-fluid lava forever bubbling and, from time to time, spilling out and consuming everything in its path.

Located deep in the impenetrable Democratic Republic of Congo, this is a volcano known for its volatility. Eruptions are not uncommon here. Taking a trip? You’re taking a chance.

Travelling to Nyiragongo requires a significant trek through thick jungle, yet visitors are drawn to the captivating crater — measuring 1.2km in diameter — that houses the deep lava lake. By all means, make the climb and take a closer look. But leave the trunks and towel at home.