20 Places You Should Never Ever Swim


Mono Lake, California

Mono Lake

Mono Lake is a strange place. Located in the arid Great Basin, it’s an oasis, covering 70 square miles and providing a vital habitat for birds. Beneath the surface, however, life is limited.

No fish swim in Mono Lake’s saline waters, although trillions of brine shrimp have made this their home. The reason? Mono Lake is super salty. Boasting a pH of 10, the waters here are said to be three times saltier than California’s neighbouring oceans.

Enjoying a spectacular location — with the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain range providing a beautiful backdrop — Mono Lake is ancient, dating back at least 760,000 years (and thought to be as old as three million years). People have long headed here to take a look and it remains a popular destination on the tourist trail. Like to get up close and personal? Take our advice: keep your feet dry, and choose a canoe tour.