20 Places You Should Never Ever Swim


Blue Lake, Russia

Russia’s Blue Lake is beautiful. It’s also dangerous — for various reasons. For one thing, the waters here are cold, making hypothermia a constant hazard. For another, it’s deep — plunging at least 846 feet down beneath the surface, making it one of the deepest lakes on Earth.

It’s a mysterious place, fed by no rivers or streams, its underwater source unknown. There is thought to be a huge unexplored cave network deep beneath the surface, making it appealing to divers, although even the most experienced are at risk in the depths, and deaths here are not uncommon.

The waters here are crystal clear, although the smell is off-putting — the high levels of hydrogen sulfide found in the water prompting some local people to call this ‘Stinky Lake’. Enjoy the spectacular scenery, with gorgeous tree-lined hills all around, but remember that to swim in Blue Lake’s frigid waters is to take a significant risk — regardless of your ability.