20 Places You Should Never Ever Swim


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

With its long boardwalk, famous Ferris wheel and perfect climate, Myrtle Beach is a tourist hotspot. This South Carolina vacation resort is popular with families, bound for the sands and the inviting Atlantic Ocean.

The problem is that countless sharks patrol the waters here, coming ever closer to shore and making swimming perilous. Ever seen Jaws? You get the idea.

The truth is that attacks are uncommon, but with some 40 shark species — including blacktip sharks, bull sharks and tiger sharks — all at home here, taking a dip does involve certain dangers.

Can’t resist? Be sure to avoid swimming at dawn and dusk, steer clear of the piers and known shark hotspots, try to move gracefully in the water and stay in a group, and above all, always heed the warnings. Sharks have been photographed lurking incredibly close to unsuspecting swimmers here. Be aware and be prepared.