20 Places You Should Never Ever Swim


Eagle’s Nest Sink Hole, Florida

On the surface, Eagle’s Nest looks like just another pond in Florida’s tropical swamp lands. Down below, however, a captivating underwater world awaits. There’s a great tubular chimney, vast caverns and passages galore that beckon the adventurous.

The problem is, it’s dangerous down here. Since 1981, at least 10 experienced divers have drowned at Eagle’s Nest, prompting authorities to call for a ban on entering these perilous waters. Located in the remote Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management area, Eagle’s Nest remains a huge draw, despite the risks, with divers determined to make it all the way to the sink hole’s famed Super Room.

Yet the dangers are great, with poor visibility, and issues surrounding guidelines and gas supplies always posing a threat. The underwater tunnels here drop at least 300 feet beneath the unremarkable surface. Few have ever explored them in depth and lived to tell the tale.