20 Places You Should Never Ever Swim


Bolinas Beach, California

Big Sur — a rugged stretch of central Californian coastline — beckons beach lovers with its pristine sands and sparkling waters. The ocean here teems with life, an area known as the Red Triangle (stretching between San Francisco, the Farallon Islands and Monterey) renowned for its thriving marine habitats.

Innumerable fish and playful seals are amongst the creatures that call this area home. But with so much life in the water, sharks are never far away. Bolinas Beach is popular with surfers, yet with great whites amongst the shark species that patrol the scenic shores here, going into the water is always a perilous pursuit.


Shark bites are not uncommon, with figures suggesting that 11% of worldwide shark attacks occur in the ocean around this point, with those venturing too close to the Red Triangle in particular danger. Still thinking about taking a dip? It might be best to stick to the sands.