20 Places You Should Never Ever Swim


Queensland, Australia

Image: John Robert McPherson, Wikimedia Commons

There are countless reasons not to swim in the warm waters that lap Queensland’s scenic shores. Dangerous creatures abound here. Taking a dip? You’re taking a risk. Stick to manned beaches, look out for flags and warning signs and always listen to the lifeguards. Taking such precautions can mitigate the dangers. Yet still this is a hazardous undertaking.

Crocodiles can often be found lurking here — both in fresh and salt waters — whilst sharks patrol the coastline, always on the hunt for their next meal. The greatest danger, however, comes from the jellyfish, with box jellyfish and the highly-venomous Irukandji a constant threat.

Been stung? Seek medical attention at once. With poisonous octopuses, stonefish, stingrays and sea snakes amongst the other dangerous creatures that call the oceans here home, it might be best to avoid a swim altogether and make the most of the sands instead.