20 Places You Should Never Ever Swim


The Nile River, Africa

The Nile River, Africa

The Nile River in Africa is one of the world’s longest and most famous rivers. However, the Nile also has many dangers. For a start, around 4.5 million of pollutants flow into the river every year making the waters highly unsanitary which could harm any one who comes into contact.

There are also deadly snakes and spiders in the Nile, but the greatest threat comes from the lurking Nile crocodiles that patrol the muddy banks here. These fearsome predators are huge, with adult males growing up to 16 feet long and often weighing as much as 750kg.

The crocs here are also fast — able to swim at speeds of up to 35 kilometres per hour in pursuit of their unfortunate prey. Once you’re in their sights, the chances are you won’t get away. Thinking about swimming in the Nile? Think again.