20 Places You Should Never Ever Swim


Samaesan Hole, Thailand

Located in the Gulf of Thailand, the Samaesan Hole is one of the world’s most dangerous and deepest dive sites. The bottom is almost 300 feet beneath the surface. The risks don’t end there. Thinking about exploring the mysterious depths? There are countless challenges to overcome in these hazardous waters.

For one thing, this is a busy shipping lane, with huge oil tankers amongst the traffic passing through these parts. For another, the currents are strong, with divers often surfacing miles from the dive site’s entrance. Some are rescued by passing ships, but not all are so fortunate.

Then there’s the fact that this was once an off-limits military dumping ground, where hazardous waste and explosive devices were cast aside. With the tankers on the surface, unexploded bombs below, and a powerful current present throughout, to swim here is a risk too great to take.