20 Places You Should Never Ever Swim


Gulf of Thailand

The Gulf Of Thailand is a beautiful shallow inlet in the warm South China Sea, boxed in by Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia, and beckoning visitors with its pristine beaches and lush tree-lined shores.

Taking a dip here is tempting, we get it. But before taking the plunge, do consider the dangers, and be aware that all is not as safe as it might at first seem.

Thailand’s gorgeous gulf is home to some serious species, with sea snakes, lionfish, stonefish and jellyfish amongst the creatures lurking in its shimmering waters.

Of these, it is the jellyfish that perhaps pose the greatest danger, and for those who fear a painful — or poisonous — sting, staying out of the water is the best bet. Feeling brave? Be aware that rip currents are common here, and that most beaches do not have a lifeguard. Look out for red warning flags and always use your common sense.