20 Places You Should Never Ever Swim


Jacob’s Well, Texas

Jacob's Well, Texas

Jacob’s Well beckons on a hot summer’s day, its cool waters drawing divers and swimmers alike. Located not far from Wimberley, it’s a popular spot for those keen to freshen up and escape the baking Texan sun. Yet hidden dangers lurk not far beneath the shimmering surface, making this a perilous place to take a dip.

The clear spring waters bubbling up from Cypress Creek, this is a captivating sight, with a mouth 12 feet in diameter that is hard to resist. But Jacob’s Well is deep, with a sheer vertical drop that plunges some 30 feet down, before its passages and tunnels angle away, reaching an average depth believed to be around 120 feet.

This makes it a popular place for curious cave divers, although the risks should not be underestimated. Lives have been lost here and, even for those experienced in exploring such places, to venture beneath the surface is a hazardous pursuit.