20 Places You Should Never Ever Swim


Lake Victoria, Africa

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is vast, spanning 70,000-square kilometres, its banks straddling three different countries — Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. It’s also deadly. With around 5,000 people thought to perish in its waters each year, it is regarded as the most dangerous lake on the planet.

It might look tranquil, but think twice about taking a dip here. Countless swimmers underestimate Lake Victoria, and many pay the ultimate price. The problem here is the weather, which is unpredictable, erratic and prone to sudden change. The conditions might appear perfect, but the lake has its own micro-climate and the weather can deteriorate without warning.

Torrential rain, thunderstorms and freak waves are always a danger. Even on a boat, you’re far from safe, with innumerable fishermen drowning here on a regular basis, their vessels capsized and their efforts to stay afloat sadly in vain. The survival statistics here make for grim reading. Take our advice and don’t become part of them.