20 Places You Should Never Ever Swim


The Amazon Basin, South America

There’s no shortage of water in the immense Amazon Basin. Swimming here, however, is not recommended. The dangers are countless. The mighty Amazon is regarded as the deadliest river on Earth and such a reputation is warranted.

Its brown waters are becoming increasingly polluted, with toxins from mining and other industries being dumped here. That isn’t the greatest threat, however. Natural dangers trump those man-made, with strong currents and fearsome creatures posing significant risks for anyone thinking about venturing in. You’ve heard about the piranhas, but arapaima — a huge carnivorous fish — can be even deadlier.

Not dangerous enough yet? What about the anacondas, leeches, electric eels, highly poisonous frogs and giant tarantulas that all make their homes here? Then it’s clear that this is no place to take a dip. With parasites present and danger at every turn, we recommend finding somewhere else to practice your river swimming.