The World’s Coolest Treehouse Hotels

The World's Coolest Treehouse Hotels
Pictured: Narina Lodge, Lion Sand Reserve – South Africa

So you love being at one with nature? You dig the idea of staying somewhere completely different to the usual square hotel rooms? You want to surprise someone special with a once in a lifetime trip? You relish releasing your inner child from time to time? We hear you!!

Did you know there were so many really impressive treehouses hotels to choose from? Literally in every part of the world. From rudimentary wooden cabins to bubble tree built in the middle of the forest or beautiful wooden logdes with infinity pool built in 700 years old baobabs from where you can admire herds of elephants, there is a treehouse for everyone’s taste!

A Treehouse hotel doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or unsophisticated, some of the accommodations come with air-con, coffee machines, outdoor showers and a yoga class every morning for a relaxing day at-one with nature. And because sometimes hotels just feel too hotel-ish and you just need to disconnect and detox away from all civilisation, here is our top treehouse hotel pick that will make your inner child back-flip with delight…


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