20 Scariest Places On Earth

Helltown, Ohio

Helltown, Ohio, US

Once known as Boston Village, Helltown is a nickname that has long endured and, given all the myths and mysteries attached to this unnerving place, it isn’t difficult to understand why. The US Government’s attempts to establish a National Park here in the 1970s didn’t quite go to plan and, after acquiring the land, evicting residents and boarding up homes and businesses, things took a dark turn.

No Trespassing signs sprang up and as the weeds told hold and the abandoned properties fell into ruin, the scare stories started to spread. The church that beckons Satanists; the toxic chemicals found dumped here; the mutant creatures and monstrous snake; the abandoned bus and its resident ghosts.

Such urban legends persist and, whilst clean-up operations have been established in order to make this a less frightening place, you’ll still need great courage to visit.


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