20 Most Terrifying Places on Earth

“Bloods Falls”, Taylor Glacier, Antarctica

There is something both alien and unnerving about Taylor Glacier. All around is pristine, white and frozen which makes this spectacle even more fascinating. “Blood Falls” has puzzled explorers, adventurers and scientists for decades.

The raging red torrent that gushes from the glacier’s mysterious heart is an unusual sight. That, until recently, Blood Falls’ secrets have remained hidden and unexplained has drawn those with a penchant for the otherworldly.

First discovered in 1911, Blood Falls is shrouded in myth and, although the truth appears rather more prosaic (scientists believe the red waters are the result of oxidised iron in the brine seawater), to see the strange waters pouring from the glacier is still an unsettling experience for those who make the long trek in order to catch a glimpse. The environment is cold and hostile and there are still those who believe there are mysteries to be solved here. It certainly look to us like the glacier is bleeding!


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