20 Most Terrifying Places on Earth

West Coast Trail, Vancouver, Canada

West Coast Trail

The West Coast Trail is beautiful, a spectacular setting on Vancouver Island that beckons hikers keen to get back to nature. When the sun shines here it’s a sight to behold, but this is a trail that harbours a dark past.

First established in 1907, the trail was formed in order to facilitate the rescue of shipwreck survivors, with the waters around the island’s southwestern edge hazardous in the extreme and responsible for countless lost lives.
With its fearsome reefs and breakers, this is known as the Graveyard of the Pacific and, with wrecks in their thousands, this is, for all its natural beauty, a place of death, despair and destruction.

The fortunate ones were dragged from the ocean and led, along the trail, to safety. But not all were so lucky, making this a haunting location and one that can unnerve even the most courageous.


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