20 Most Terrifying Places on Earth

Riddle House, Palm Beach, Florida

There’s no such thing as ghosts. Right? Head to Riddle House and you might find yourself questioning such an assertion.

Regarded as one of the most haunted places in the United States, this Edwardian dwelling once stood beside Woodlawn Cemetery, in West Palm Beach, where it housed workers, helped guard against grave robbers and served as a funeral parlour. Due to be demolished, it was moved in the 1990s to a local theme park, Yesteryear Village. It seems the ghosts relocated too.

One grave digger, believed to have had dire financial troubles, is said to have committed suicide in the attic and, to this day, he haunts Riddle House. Visitors report hearing dragging chains and murmuring voices, whilst paranormal enthusiasts head here in great number in the hope of catching a glimpse.


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