20 Most Terrifying Places on Earth

U Bein Bridge, Myanmar

Stretching three-quarters-of-a-mile over Taungthaman Lake, close to Amarapura, Myanmar, the U Bein Bridge is a sight to behold. Constructed in 1850 using the remains of a ruined royal palace, this is the oldest teak bridge on Earth. It’s also one of the most rickety.

Tourists flock here in great numbers, with souvenir sellers often in hot pursuit, and with so many people crossing the ancient bridge on a daily basis, there are genuine fears for its continued existence. More than 1,000 wooden pillars hold the walkway up, but with many posts decaying and becoming detached from the main structure, the bridge appears to be growing ever more treacherous.

Still the crowds come, but as U Bein becomes more and more unstable, the experience is growing ever more terrifying, making it a preserve of the most courageous, with the lake’s deep waters awaiting below.


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