20 Most Terrifying Places on Earth

Titlis Cliff Walk, Switzerland

You don’t like heights? The Titlis Cliff Walk might be one to avoid, with even those accustomed to altitude finding this an experience that calls for great courage.

Europe’s highest suspension bridge is a spectacular sight, but setting foot onto the narrow platform requires nerves of steel and a cast-iron constitution. Found high in the Swiss Alps, atop Mount Titlis and accessed via beautiful Engelberg down below, this 100-metre long bridge is built 3,041 metres above sea level.

Hanging from steel cables some 500 metres above the ground, the views from here are stunning with the Uri Alps and neighbouring Italy both visible on clear days. But you’ll need to be brave to experience them in full. Closed during bad weather, the Cliff Walk has been described as ‘the world’s scariest bridge’. Who are we to disagree?


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