20 Most Terrifying Places on Earth

Beelitz-Heilst’tten Hospital, Beelitz, Germany

Beelitz-Heilst'tten Hospital

Drawn to dark places? It doesn’t get much more macabre than Beelitz-Heilst’tten, an abandoned former military hospital complex, some 30 miles from Berlin, that once counted an injured Adolf Hitler amongst its patients.

This is a ghostly place, with its peeling paint and graffiti-marked walls, where the suffocating vines have long since taken over and the rusted beds are still to be seen. Occupied by the Red Army during the final days of World War II, Beelitz-Heilst’tten remained a Soviet military facility until 1995. Since being abandoned following the fall of East Germany, time has stood still here and the result is haunting.

Drawing a surprising number of visitors with an interest in the ghoulish, this is where Hitler was brought having been wounded at The Somme during the First World War. Countless Nazi soldiers and sympathisers were treated here in subsequent years.


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