20 Most Terrifying Places on Earth

The Sanctuary of Tophet, Tunisia

This Tunisian sanctuary is an ancient burial ground not far from Tunis, where unsettling discoveries have been made and distressing secrets uncovered. Indeed long, long ago, the Carthaginians are believed to have sacrificed their young here in order to give thanks to the gods. More than 20,000 urns, each stuffed with ashes and human remains, are amongst the artifacts that have been dug up. Such things can make for an uncomfortable visit.

Once spanning 64,000 square feet, and housed over nine levels, this is a place of great historical significance, but the events that once took place here cannot be overlooked or ignored.

Children and animals are thought to have been sacrificed here on a regular basis over several centuries, and even now, long after the event, death hangs heavy in the air. It is, needless to say, all rather creepy.


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