20 Most Terrifying Places on Earth

The Destitute Cemetery City of Guatemala

There are fewer places scarier on Earth than here, where vultures circle. Lost souls are said to wander and death and decay are all around. It shouldn’t have been like this, as it was designed to be the final resting place for Guatemala’s elite, an exclusive burial ground where the rich and famous would lie and all would be at peace. Yet the earthquakes that devastated the local area in 1917 and 1918 put paid to that plan.

Some 8,000 bodies were shaken from their graves and, with authorities desperate to stop disease spreading, their corpses were burned in a giant bonfire. Since then, this is a place that has taken a darker turn, a cemetery in a dreadful state, where the destitute deposit passed relatives and space is at a premium.

With little room, bodies are stacked vertically, with those at the top becoming mummified due to the heat. Frightening in the extreme, this is a destination to avoid.


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