20 Most Terrifying Places on Earth

Lake Natron, Tanzania

Hellish in colour, with its deep red waters and caustic salt crust, Lake Natron is inhospitable in the extreme, hostile to life and not a place to take a relaxing dip.

Located in northern Tanzania, not far from the Kenyan border, this is a place that must be seen to be believed, but so unsettling is the atmosphere, visitors don’t tend to linger long in these parts. The area is an important breeding ground for lesser flamingos, but other creatures give it a wide berth. The waters here are warm – too warm for most – and with its ammonia-like qualities, this is a mineral-rich soda lake that doesn’t teem with life.

The flamingos aside, this is a dead and desolated place, where no-one wants to live, with the very air thick, chemical-laden and difficult to breathe. It’s a spectacular sight to see, for sure, but you won’t want to stick around here.


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