20 Most Terrifying Places on Earth

Gomantong Caves, Malaysia

Gomantong Caves

The Gomantong Cave complex might not appear to be too terrifying at first sight, with its wooden boardwalk beckoning visitors to Borneo from the tranquil tree-lined hills to its welcoming entrance. Once inside, however, it’s a different matter, with the caves’ residents presenting an unsettling spectacle.

There are the infamous bats, for one thing, with hundreds of thousands having made their homes in the dark depths of the Gomantong hills, making an exodus from the cave entrance en masse each night, a sight that sends a shiver down the spines of the unprepared. Then there are the cockroaches.

Their number is beyond calculation, but there are a lot and to see them scurrying along the limestone walls is enough to test the resolve of even the most courageous caver. With other unseen creatures lurking deep within, you’ll need to be brave to explore this intricate cave system to the fullest. Not too terrifying? You might think differently when you get here.


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