20 Most Terrifying Places on Earth

Bell Witch Cave, Tennessee

Bell Witch CaveImage: Www78, Wikipedia Commons

There’s no such thing as witches, right? You might not be quite so convinced when you arrive in Tennessee and head to the mysterious cave that has been at the centre of Southern folklore for more than two centuries.

Found amongst the rolling hills and picturesque farmland around Adams, this is a beautiful place. But even the most sceptical are sure to feel a chill upon approaching the cave entrance where the legend of the Bell Witch endures.

This is the site where John Bell, a farmer, and his young family are said to have been terrorised in the 1800s. Bell later died in suspicious circumstances ‘ said to have been poisoned by the witch, who fled here to the cave, which has drawn the curious ever since. There’s no such thing as witches, right? You might be a cynic but with the haunting cave stretching some 150 metres into the dark, who knows what’s lurking inside.


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