20 Most Terrifying Places on Earth

Cahills Crossing, Australia

It’s not deep, and is just a few metres wide, yet Cahill’s Crossing, in the Northern Territory, is considered amongst the most dangerous bodies of water in all of Australia. The reason? Crocodiles. Lots of crocodiles.

The East Alligator River swarms with super-size crocs, gathered to feast on the plentiful fish here, and thrill-seekers congregate in great number to see the monstrous reptiles at close quarters. Sometimes, however, those quarters are just a little too close.

Despite the warning signs, some cannot resist trying to cross, either by vehicle or on foot, but with high tides submerging the track and strong currents always a danger, to do so is to dice with death. For the hundreds of saltwater crocodiles gathered here, Cahill’s Crossing is a feeding ground without equal. Unfortunately for the foolish, it isn’t always fish that’s on the menu and those who get too close don’t always make it out alive.


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