20 Most Terrifying Places on Earth

Museum Vrolik, Amsterdam

Even in Amsterdam, where anything goes, Museum Vrolik comes with a warning. ‘Not suitable for kids’, the tour guides advise.

Yet even for adult visitors with a cast-iron constitution, this might prove to be an attraction too far. Billed as ‘perhaps the largest collection of human deformities in one place’, this is a strange and disturbing place indeed, old fashioned, quiet and, above all, spooky. Interested in the unusual? There’s no question that you’ll discover it here.

Once a private collection of embryos and anatomical anomalies, Museum Vrolik prides itself on its unusual and unsettling exhibits, with countless oddities, deformities and mutilations in human and animal anatomy amongst the items that are on permanent display here. Like to see something different? Take a deep breath and head inside, but never lose sight of the nearest exit.


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