20 Most Terrifying Places on Earth

Haw Par Villa, Singapore

Often described as a theme park that boasts an eclectic treasure trove of Asian culture, history, philosophy and religion, Haw Par Villa doesn’t sound too terrifying.

But to dig a little deeper beneath the surface is to discover frights aplenty, with park guides advising visitor discretion and parental guidance in regard to some of the scarier exhibits and attractions to be discovered here.

Haw Par Villa has long been renowned for its vivid description of the Ten Courts of Hell, a terrifying tale long passed down through Chinese folklore, whilst those feeling courageous are challenged to visit the park at twilight. Journeys to Hell – Death and Afterlife in Haw Par Villa is an attraction that cranks the terror levels up an extra notch as night starts to fall, giving the theme park an altogether darker and more sinister side that those who underestimate it often come to regret.


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