20 Most Terrifying Places on Earth

Pripyat, Ukraine

Pripyat is an eerie ghost town like no other. Located just 3 km from the former Chernobyl Nuclear Station, and abandoned within hours of the catastrophic fire and explosion at the No.4 reactor there in 1986, time has stood still here ever since.

Considered too dangerous for human habitation for at least 24,000 years due to the resulting radioactive outfall, it is possible to visit these days, but be prepared for an unnerving experience.

The schools, hospitals, shops and amusement park all still stand, albeit frozen in time, with nature reclaiming the crumbling city, weeds all around, whilst wild animals (including lynx, wolves and boar) lurk unseen on the fringes.

Some 49,000 people once lived here and reminders remain strewn on the ground, with possessions left and homes abandoned as the panicked population fled, leaving all behind as the fires raged close by. Haunting and ghostly, Pripyat unsettles the curious courageous enough to make the trip from Kiev. Stick together. This is no place to be alone.


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