20 Most Terrifying Places on Earth

Sedlec Ossuary, Kutn’ Hora, Czech Republic

Sedlec Ossuary, a one-hour train ride from picturesque Prague, in the Czech Republic, is better known as The Bone Church. Take a look around and you’ll soon see why.

Just about everything here appears to have been fashioned from human bones, from the chalices and the candelabras to the remarkable chandelier that hangs from the ceiling and which is said to have been made from at least one of every bone in the body.

There are believed to be bones from more than 40,000 people here, a great number of them victims of the Plague in Europe, and with so much death on open display, it’s perhaps no surprise that the mood is so macabre. Thinking about paying a visit? It’s rather grim but be sure to look out for the famous coat of arms, depicting a raven pecking at a severed head and made, of course, from human bones.


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