20 Most Terrifying Places on Earth


Stull Cemetery, Kansas

Feeling fearless? Even the bravest find their courage tested in backwater Kansas, where Satan is rumoured to make regular visits and one of the seven gates to Hell is said to be sited. Stull Cemetery is a small outpost that is home to few but where dark myths endure and urban legends persist.

The focus is an unnerving cemetery, where some believe access to the underworld can be found, and although much about such fables emanates from a student newspaper article in the 1970s, this is no place for the faint of heart. Once known as Deer Creek, Stull has never beckoned settlers in great number and those who do pass through don’t tend to stick around for long. \

Demonic forces are said to be at work here and it’s best avoided after dark. You might not believe in such things, but you’ll still find yourself frightened if you do choose to visit.


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