The 23 Most Dangerous Creatures On The Planet

Flower Urchin

Flower Urchin

The most dangerous sea urchin on Earth is to be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, it’s not always so simple, with Flower Urchins often partially buried in the soft sand or lurking amongst coral reefs and rocks, hidden from sight and poised to inflict great pain.

Found in the warm waters around Indonesia, Australia and Japan, this is a common species in the Indo-West Pacific. It might appear pretty, but don’t be fooled. The Flower Urchin is both dangerous and deadly.

Growing up to 20 cm, the Flower Urchin delivers devastating stings from its fang-like tips, causing debilitating pain, muscular paralysis, breathing problems and disorientation. Those unfortunate enough to suffer a sting are in significant peril, with drowning a real danger as the effects take hold. Divers preparing to explore coral reefs are briefed to give Flower Urchins a wide berth. Those who ignore such advice risk paying the ultimate price.


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