The 23 Most Dangerous Creatures On The Planet



You might think that, as renowned scavengers, hyenas pose little threat to the living. You’d be mistaken. The striped hyena does tend to feast on animal corpses and carcasses, but its spotted counterpart is a predator that is to be avoided at all costs.

Spotted hyenas kill as much as 95% of all their food, preying on creatures large and small across their wild African homelands. Humans are not safe from these ruthless nocturnal carnivores, with night-time attacks not uncommon. Be under no illusions about this: Spotted hyenas are cunning man-eaters, plain and simple.

Hyenas are perhaps best known for their distinctive calls, but to come face to face with one is no laughing matter. Large claws, sharp teeth and bone-crushing jaws make this a dangerous beast indeed. Fearsome and fast, outrunning a hungry hyena isn’t an option. Take our advice: be prepared, take precautions and be sure to steer clear.


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