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If the thought of a tapeworm residing inside you makes your skin crawl, then you’re not alone. It’s really not a nice thought, is it? The so-called ‘pork tapeworm’ is associated with eating pork that hasn’t been cooked properly or has been subject to questionable food hygiene practices. Yep, gross.

Even more gross is that fact that in order to be subject to a tapeworm infection, we don’t actually eat a tapeworm, we eat the cysts of a tapeworm, which is a sort of somewhere between a tapeworm larvae and an actual tapeworm. Tapeworm cysts are ‘inactive’ tapeworms just waiting to find their way into our gut, where they will wake up and grow into a full sized tapeworm.

This kind of tapeworm infection can hang around for years and cause no symptoms and it can be easily treated with medications to flush the tapeworm from the body. But things could be worse’ A condition called cysticercosis is caused when young tapeworms, which have been consumed by eating food contaminated with tapeworm eggs (rather than cysts) from human faeces, bury into our tissues. They can bury into any tissue, including the brain. Which, is even more stomach churning than the thought of a tapeworm itself!


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