The 23 Most Dangerous Creatures On The Planet



Despite being the largest land dwelling animals on planet earth, elephants are usually seen as gentle, loving creatures who feel the pain and loss of losing loved ones like humans do, live in disciplined matriarchal family units and have bonds with human handlers like no other large animal.

Often depicted as the wise, gentle giants that everyone wants to be friends with in children’s stories, elephants can do no harm right? (Unless we happen to be in their way and we accidentally get trampled under-enormous-foot.)
Wrong! Surprisingly, between 100 and 500 humans are killed by elephants each year, usually when humans have overstepped the mark in elephant territories in their homelands of Africa and Asia.

It turns out, that getting trampled by an elephant might not be so accidental after all. We all have our limits, even elephants, and encroach on their patch too far, and you might get a trampling, or arguably worse, a goring.

It isn’t unheard of for elephants to raid villages or farmer-filled croplands. One blow is usually enough to do it. So the moral of this story is ‘ never annoy an elephant. Because as we all know, they’re unlikely to forget.


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