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German yellow jacket wasps

German yellow jacket wasps

If you find wasps annoying, and you question the point of them, then you’re amongst friends. Wasps are annoying, frustrating and love to ruin an afternoon in a beer garden. But come across a German yellow jacket wasp and you’ll be wishing for the bog standard picnic bench dwelling wasp to return, all previous misdemeanours forgiven.

German yellow jacket wasps are bigger, more aggressive and more likely to sting than our usual wasps. In fact, they like to sting, repeatedly, for no apparent reason other than they want to spoil your day. Especially so in the late Summer, when they’ve become even more boisterous after feasting on rotting, fermenting fruits, causing them to become drunk.

Found pretty much everywhere aside from Antarctica, these wasps inject venom that can leave a nasty reaction, especially if you’re stung multiple times. If you happen to get close, you’ll distinguish this bigger wasp by the three black spots on its face.

Oh, and try to refrain from waving your arms around to bat a German yellow jacket wasp away ‘ it’ll make them think they’re under attack and will sting at will even more freely, calling their mates over in the process.


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