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Africanized Bees

Africanized Bees

When we think of bees, we tend to think of cute, furry, buzzy creatures, who are much more loved than their annoying buzzy counterparts, the picnic destroying wasp. But the Africanized bee is a different story, and is even more aggressive than a drowsy wasp at the end of summer.

Otherwise known as killer bees, the Africanized bee resides in the Americas (despite its name) and actually exists by accident. In the 1950s, scientists in Brazil bred the gentle, high yield honey producing European bee with the lower honey yield African bee in an attempt to improve honey production.

Unfortunately, the aggressive nature of the African bee won out, and then a year later, some of these hybrid bees escaped from the lab in what must’ve felt like some kind of apocalyptic film event.

They still exist in nature across North and South America now, breeding upon breeding, and they love to swarm. Swarms of 300,00 to 800,000 Africanized Bees have been reported and they will attack if they feel their colony is threatened. 1,000 stings from these human bred bees, and it could kill you.


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