The 23 Most Dangerous Creatures On The Planet

Tiger snake

Tiger snake

Another snake to be wary of, is the tiger snake. If ever there was an animal to be scared of, it’s one with not one, but two scary names. Tigers and snakes are frightening enough, so the thought of a tiger snake is a step too far for many.

Although this isn’t some kind of weird hybrid of big cat and snake, obviously, but the tiger snake is still extremely dangerous. Native to Southern Australia and Tasmania, this snake kills not just with venom, but a mix of venom, neurotoxins (that affect the brain), coagulants (that make the blood become thick and clumpy) and other types of toxin.

So although it might not roar like a tiger, it’s certainly not an animal you want to be hanging out with. Accounting for around 17% of deaths by snake bite (actual bites by actual snakes, not the drink ever present in student union bars) in Australia, a bite from a tiger snake will begin as pain and tingling at the site of the bite (usually the foot or lower leg). Then, very quickly, you’ll be sweating profusely, struggling to breathe and then paralysis sets in. You just want to hope there’s someone nearby with the right antivenom.


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